As the spring equinox approaches, the Olympians call forth to all mortals to gather at the sacred halls of the Transbordeur in Lyon. This hallowed ground, once a temple to the water nymphs, has been reborn as a haven for the deities of gender, pleasure, and techno.

The [NO GENDER] X GEGEN BERLIN: EPIC GAMES, a grandiose festival of revelry and athleticism, shall be the centerpiece of this divine gathering. As in ancient times, the Games will be a time for laying down arms and competing in a spirit of togetherness and honor. The beat of the drums and the pulse of the crowd will be the heartbeat of this epic spectacle, a marathon of rave, bodies, and games of desire that shall rival the grandeur of Mount Olympus itself.

Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, shall be your guide and protector as you indulge in the pleasures of the flesh. Zeus, king of the gods, shall oversee the competition and provide the thunderous soundtrack that shall shake the halls to their foundations. But be warned, the gates to Olympus are guarded by fierce creatures, and only those who abide by the principles of benevolence, consent, listening, and respect shall be granted entry. The enemies of the gods shall be denied passage, their fate sealed to eternal damnation.

All who possess a heroic spirit and a heart for adventure, come and join us in this grand celebration of life, where immersing in massive sound that as mountainous as Olympus and reveling in the company of fellow gods and goddesses is closer to the heavens than the depths of the earth.